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Glass Mosaic Tile
Glass Mosaic Wall Tile,
Glass Mosaic Bathroom Tile
Daltile ™ Glass Mosaic Collection


The Floor Authority is proud to feature information on Glass Mosaic tile from Daltile, Glass Mosaics ™, considered by many to be some of the finest glass mosaic tile in the world from the finest mosaic tile artisans and importers. We focus on finding information on the most unique styles including glass mosaic wall tile, glass mosaic bathroom tile, glass mosaic backsplash tile, glass mosaic kitchen tile and glass mosaic floor tile for your home or business.


Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass Mosaic Tile, Mosaic Glass Tile From Daltile

Glass Mosaics ™
Glass Field Tile
Ivory Glass Mosaic Tile
VG57 (3)
Petra Glass Mosaic Tile
VG58 (3)
Dark Cobalt Glass Mosaic Tile
Dark Cobalt
VG02 (2)
 Black Mosaic Glass Tile
VG26 (1)
View Larger Image of Emerald Green VG24 (1)
Emerald Green
VG24 (1)
View Larger Image of Acapulco Blue VG04 (2)
Acapulco Blue
VG04 (2)

Glass Mosaic Tile, Daltile Glass Mosaics

View Larger Image of Tobacco VG21 (1)
VG21 (1)
View Larger Image of Aqua Green VG09 (2)
Aqua Green
VG09 (2)
View Larger Image of Cobalt Blue VG08 (2)
Cobalt Blue
VG08 (2)
View Larger Image of Cuernavaca Green VG34 (2)
Cuernavaca Green
VG34 (2)
View Larger Image of Ocean Blue VG06 (2)
Ocean Blue
VG06 (2)
View Larger Image of Ixtapa Blue VG37 (2)
Ixtapa Blue
VG37 (2)
View Larger Image of Cancun Blue VG05 (2)
Cancun Blue
VG05 (2)
View Larger Image of Oyster White VG01 (2)
Oyster White
VG01 (2)
View Larger Image of Steel Blue VG27 (1)
Steel Blue
VG27 (1)
View Larger Image of Greenish Blue VG28 (1)
Greenish Blue
VG28 (1)
View Larger Image of Ice White VG23 (1)
Ice White
VG23 (1)
View Larger Image of Caribbean Green VG10 (2)
Caribbean Green
VG10 (2)
View Larger Image of Turquoise VG38 (2)
VG38 (2)
View Larger Image of Aqua Blue VG29 (2)
Aqua Blue
VG29 (2)
View Larger Image of Crystal Blue VG07 (2)
Crystal Blue
VG07 (2)
View Larger Image of Crimson VG54 (3)
VG54 (3)
View Larger Image of Scarlet VG50 (3)
VG50 (3)
View Larger Image of Vermillion VG53 (3)
VG53 (3)
View Larger Image of Tangerine VG48 (3)
VG48 (3)
View Larger Image of Peach VG51 (3)
VG51 (3)
View Larger Image of Bright Yellow VG49 (3)
Bright Yellow
VG49 (3)
View Larger Image of Pale Pink VG35 (2)
Pale Pink
VG35 (2)
View Larger Image of Lilac VG47 (2)
VG47 (2)
View Larger Image of Wheat VG45 (2)
VG45 (2)
View Larger Image of Honey VG03 (2)
VG03 (2)
View Larger Image of Amber VG30 (2)
VG30 (2)
View Larger Image of Dark Honey VG25 (1)
Dark Honey
VG25 (1)
View Larger Image of Pearl Gray VG32 (2)
Pearl Gray
VG32 (2)
View Larger Image of Kihea Blue VG55 (2)
Kihea Blue
VG55 (2)
Shade Variation:  Low 
Tile Thickness:  Varies
Recommended Grout Width:  1/16"
Applications:  Walls/Backsplashes, Countertops, Exteriors
  Suitable for exterior walls in non-freezing climates when proper installation methods are followed.

Tile Sizes:

3/4" x 3/4" Field Tile

3/8" x 3/8" Field Tile

2" x 2" Field Tile



Be sure to check out our other complimentary collections including: Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Tile, Italian Tile, Spanish Tile

See our examples of actual
Installations for design ideas and more!


The Floor Authority has information on the perfect glass mosaic tile designs for every room of your home or business. The Floor Authority is your one stop source for exceptional glass mosaic tile information.
Call any of the companies advertising here with questions or assistance. Many products can be shipped to anywhere in the continental U.S.

Glass Mosaic Tile
Glass Mosaic Wall Tile,
Glass Mosaic Bathroom Tile
Daltile ™ Glass Mosaic Collection










Glass Tile, Glass Mosaic Tile, Mosaic Glass Tile, Glass Mosaic Wall Tile, Glass Mosaic Bathroom Tile, Imported Glass Tile, Glass Mosaics Tile Collection, Daltile



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