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Hardwood Flooring Styles, Flooring Designs, Ideas and More!

Mohawk Hardwood Flooring Ideas & Inspiration
Mohawk Hardwood Flooring Ideas & Inspiration

What hardwood floors are in style 2024?
First Place are Brown Tones

Hardwood floors in a medium brown and similar tones are always popular but especially lately.
Most popular being Extra wide planks and mid brown tones

PA Hardwood Flooring Wide Plank by Carlisle

Hardwood Flooring Remains The First Choice In Flooring.

The type of wood has always been a major factor. Oak, especially white oak, is one of the most common species used for floors in North America. It's beautiful, sustainable, and durable. 


Hardwood Flooring Continues To Be The Leading Trend In Flooring In 2023.

Hardwood Flooring Continues To Be The Leading Trend In Flooring In 2024.

Hardwood floors can increase your home value by up to 2.5 percent ... If you're looking for a great way to increase your home value before a sale, hardwood flooring may not be the best way to go. Depending on the value of your home, installing vinyl or LVP could up your house value to the same rate for a lower cost.


Many things have stayed the same in hardwood flooring, but we’ve got some fresh, new hardwood flooring trends that you may not have seen out in the world of flooring just yet.

Wood flooring is a classic choice and, even with the influx of wood look flooring options, there will always be a market for hardwood flooring.

This does not mean your wood flooring has to be the same old, same old boring wood floors! Hardwood flooring trends are still constantly being developed, constantly offering new and stylish twists on the old classic hardwood floor.
Hardwood Flooring PA
The Finest Information On Hardwood Flooring Styles and Brands

Hardwood Flooring from the finest names available including:

Somerset Mirage
Shaw Appalachian
Vintage Natures
Armstrong Mannington
Bruce Chesapeake


Hardwood flooring pennsylvania

Choosing a hardwood floor? Think about how much foot traffic you expect. Consider for a moment the look you want and how much you plan to invest.

Have you decided how you will install your new hardwood floor. Will you be doing it yourself? Or, will you get help from a hardwood flooring professionals?

"Offering hardwood flooring styles and products that reflects the latest trends in home furnishing, The Floor Authority, a flooring information source, has a wide selection of the finest hardwood floors. With beauty, durability and day-to-day living design, these natural products are all carefully crafted to ensure that your family will have a floor that they will love for many years to come.


The Floor Authority Flooring Information Source offers information on a wide selection of solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring by a wide array of top manufacturers.  
Contact Us If You Are A Licensed Dealer That Would Like Your Business Listed.


Specialty Hardwood Flooring  

Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Cork Flooring

The Floor Authority lists teams of flooring installation professionals who are experts at hardwood flooring. They can match any home design, fit any budget and many carry only the finest lines of hardwood flooring available, most of which you won't find at your local home center.

  Hardwood Flooring PA., Engineered Hardwood Flooring, Finished Hardwood Flooring, Flooring Reviews, Information and More


Hardwood Flooring PA for great information for a great selection of hardwood flooring from the finest names including;
Somerset Hardwood Flooring, Mirage Hardwood Flooring, Shaw Hardwood Flooring, Appalachian Hardwood Flooring, Natures Hardwood Flooring, Armstrong Hardwood Flooring, Mannington Hardwood Flooring, Bruce Hardwood Flooring and Chesapeake. 

Hardwood Flooring Lehigh Valley Poconos PA.

Hardwood Flooring PA for great information for a great selection of hardwood flooring from the finest names

With wood floors the trend continues with wider and longer hardwood planks, as well as more informal layouts using different width wood planks. Wider wood planks create a more unified look – less joint lines – this also brings out and highlights the inherent aesthetic of the wood in your wood floors, especially of note are the knots and grain.

Hardwood flooring texture continues to be important, again we are seeing increases in the popularity of hardwood floors that have a distinctive hand crafted finish or look, such as the hand scrapped wood flooring as well as well as the wire brushed finish looks.
As for hardwood flooring color trends. Gray color woods are still going to be widely popular, also some are returning to the more natural wood looks and also back to more dark tones on some cases. 

Of particular note is the growing trend to chevron and herring bone patters in the flooring designs and installations. widely popular on the current home and design shows of the moment.

Really, it comes down to the home itself. What is the overall look of the home? A more modern looking home may not be best suited for a distressed or old world look. Match the look to the design of the core project, Then select colors that will withstand trends. 
This way you find yourself pleased with your hardwood flooring for quite a long time after a recent trend has passed.  


Oak Hardwood Flooring by Quick Step the QWood Collection for Builders and Multi Family Flooring Applications
Oak Hardwood Flooring

QWood by Quick Step ® 
Oak Hardwood Flooring for Builders and Multi-Family Applications

Quick Step Q Wood Official Website 

These brilliant, engineered oak floors come in shades from light to dark, with rich water-based stains, a smooth satin finish and a limited lifetime warranty. Ideal for builder and multi-family applications, Q•Wood Classics floors offer a sleek look that brightens any space. It also features patented Uniclic® technology for easy, locking installation.

Mullican Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Floor, Brodheadsville, Stroudsburg, Poconos, Lehigh Valley
Mullican Hardwood Flooring

Mullican Hardwood Flooring PA Information at The Floor Authority

Available Finished & Un-Finished

Mullican hardwood flooring offers unmatched quality and precision which is the result of an exclusive process that includes state-of-the-art machinery, a certified kiln-drying process and professional graders.

Mullican Flooring Official Website 

Homer Wood is a manufacturer of high quality hardwood plank flooring, offering unfinished hardwood flooring,  prefinished hardwood flooring and Amish Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring products.
Homer Wood is a manufacturer of high quality hardwood plank flooring, offering unfinished hardwood flooring,  prefinished hardwood flooring and Amish Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring products.

This collection of Character Grade flooring offers a truly authentic distressed look because it is hand-scraped by Pennsylvania Dutch craftsmen in the tradition of Renaissance-era woodworking.

Homerwood Hand Scraped Collection

HomerWood™ Official Website

Oshkosh Hardwood Flooring, Medallian Wood, Wood medallian, Exotic Hardwood, Oshkosh


Oshkosh Floor Hardwood Floor Designs 

Decorative borders, wood medallions and parquets can add a distinctive look and a dramatic difference to any hardwood floor.

Inlay by Oshkosh Designs helps you create an enduring expression of your style. Exotic woods, dramatic stone, striking metals or tranquil colored glass are your palette. Designs that range from historical to contemporary are your motifs. 



Bruce Hardwood Flooring 

Bruce Hardwood floors offering great looks with durability to last generations. 

Care Free finishes for active lifestyles and very affordable plus environmentally friendly and natural.


Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Official Bruce Flooring Website


Armstrong Hardwood Flooring 

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring. Expertly crafted using the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods.

From the rustic, old-world charm of hand-sculpted and hand-scraped hardwoods to the more classic, traditional hardwood floor sanded to smooth perfection, take a moment and browse our vast selection of hardwoods.


Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Official Armstrong Flooring Website


 Mercier Hardwood Flooring 

Selections of exclusive flooring from species in North America, either natural or stained available, wide selection of options including species, gloss levels, widths, grains and more!

Design your floor the way you want it and have the confidence that comes with a quality hardwood floor from Mercier!

Mercier Hardwood Flooring

 Harris Wood Hardwood Flooring 

Ready to install, prefinished hardwood flooring that adds warmth, charm and beauty to almost any room in your home. 

The latest collections include a vast selection of species, colors, finishes in a wide variety of widths and textures.

Harris Wood Hardwood Flooring


 Hawa Hardwood Flooring 

Hawa offers a vast selection of hardwood and specialty flooring available in an eco friendly selection limited only by your imagination.

With durability and stunning looks, unique in design and function, a Hawa floor epitomizes function and form with class and elegance.


Indiana Hardwood Specialists, Inc. 
Un-Finished Hardwood Flooring

"The company with the enviable task of combining the most beautiful wood with your flooring ideas and designs.

We are committed to a proud tradition of manufacturing the finest quality in exquisite flooring with years of experience dedicated to unmatched craftsmanship.

We bring to life the finest Appalachian Red and White Oaks and the richest Maple, Cherry, and other natural woods. All wood products are carefully milled at our plant in Spencer, Indiana."

 Indiana Hardwood Specialists, Inc.

Official Indiana Hardwood Flooring Website

Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Floor, Brodheadsville, Stroudsburg, Poconos, Lehigh Valley

Versatility is plentiful in the hardwood flooring  lines offered by Harris Tarkett.  

From Natural Maple Hardwood Flooring to Oak Wheat, American Cherry to Ash Natural, and everything in between, you are sure to find a Harris Tarkett hardwood floor that suits your lifestyle and need.


Grizzly Forest Products

Grizzly Forest specializes in wood products and Southern Pine flooring.

Grizzly Forest Products specializes in fine wood flooring products with an emphasis on southern pine wood flooring.

Available in a wide variety of hearts and grades, Grizzly is the source leading the way in high quality and unique wood flooring products that meet and exceed the demands of the most demanding customer.


Grizzly Forest Products

Following are additional flooring manufactures and their information.


Mohawk Hardwood Flooring, Mohawk Hardwood Floors
Mohawk Hardwood Flooring

Mohawk hardwood flooring offers handcrafted beauty and exceptional quality by using the finest hardwoods and the exclusive CrystalShield finish.

Mohawk Hardwood Flooring is available in hardwood, engineered, glueless and hand scraped.




Century Hardwood Flooring, Century Engineered Flooring

Century Hardwood Flooring
Crafted Solid Oak, Naturally™

Century Hardwood Flooring combines precision craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to produce elegant solid oak hardwood flooring that will endure for centuries.

For Century Hardwood Flooring

Anderson Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Anderson Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Discover floors featuring natural colors and tones. Their very appearance reveals their source as Nature’s own bounty of good things made even better through modern technology.

Featuring information on The Freedom Collection, Rhino Collection, Exotic Collection, Mountain Series and Della Mano Collection.
Official Anderson Flooring Website

Virginia Vintage Handscraped Collection Hardwood Flooring
Virginia Vintage Hand Scraped
Hardwood Flooring

   If you appreciate the eloquent imperfection of hand craftsmanship...if you enjoy the soft glow of fine hardwood...if you want visitors to your home to be transported back to the comfort and warmth of simpler times...Virginia Vintage hand-scraped flooring is just right for you.

Anderson Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Official Anderson Virginia Vintage
 Flooring Website

Boa Franc Hardwood Flooring
Boa Franc Hardwood Flooring

Mirage Hardwood Flooring

The Mirage Collections of hardwood flooring from Boa Franc offer a wider selection of wood species, stains, and finishes than any other prefinished hardwood on the market.

All Mirage collections have one thing in common - your peace of mind for years to come.

Junkers Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Floor, Brodheadsville, Stroudsburg, Poconos, Lehigh Valley

Junkers Hardwood Flooring

Junkers hardwood flooring is produced in a wide array of beautiful colors and exciting species.

Available in a number of beautiful and durable finishes.

The Floor Authority Flooring Information Source's list of dealers and installers have highly trained staff that can assist you in picking the right Junkers Hardwood Flooring that is perfect for your home or office.Junkers Official Website

Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Floor, Brodheadsville, Stroudsburg, Poconos, Lehigh Valley

Shaw Hardwood Flooring Systems
Exceptional value and classic beauty are combined in these versatile engineered hardwood floors.

Shaw Flooring Official Website

Exotic Hardwood Flooring

View our specialty and exotic hardwood flooring information.

Hardwood flooring, though aesthetically appealing, has many other alluring features. In today's property market, homes that have a solid timber underfoot have a higher resale value – the timber adds this value!

Dealers and installers, contact us today to have your business listed.

The Floor Authority
Your Flooring Information Source



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The Floor Authority offers information on the finest Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Floor, from Mohawk Hardwood Flooring, Shaw Hardwood Flooring, Mullican Hardwood Flooring, Oshkosh Hardwood Flooring, Virginia Vintage Hardwood Flooring, Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring, Mirage Hardwood Flooring, Homerwood Hardwood Flooring, BR111 Hardwood Flooring, Junckers Hardwood Flooring, Century Hardwood Flooring, Harris Tarkett Hardwood Flooring and Boa Franc Flooring. Also Unfinished and Finished Hardwood Flooring. Serving information to many areas including but not limited to; Brodheadsville, Tannersville, Stroudsburg, Poconos, Hazleton, Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Nazareth, Wilkes Barre, Scranton, Monroe County, Pike County, Carbon County, Luzerne County, Lehigh County, Northeast Pennsylvania, PA, 18322 and 570, 610, 215 area codes.


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