Mohawk Carpet News 2005
Mohawk Carpet News, Mohawk Announces New Carpet Fiber SmartStrand fiber made with DuPont's Sorona® Polymer is the "biggest fiber innovation in 20 years."

Introducing the latest innovation in fiber technology.  
It just keeps coming clean.

SmartStrand carpet fiber, made with DuPont Sorona polymer, represents a breakthrough in fiber technology brought to you exclusively by Mohawk Industries and DuPont.  Together, we have produced a new type of carpet fiber that combines exceptional durability with permanent protection in stain resistance.

SmartStrand with Dupont TM Sorona® offers everything consumers want in a carpet:

  • Permanent protection against stains
  • Exceptional, long-lasting durability
  • Softness
  • Variety of beautiful styles
  • Excellent color clarity
  • Revolutionary cleanability

You can't beat the stain resistance of SmartStrand!

SmartStrand fibers provide permanent stain protection that is literally built-in to the fiber so it can never wear or clean off.  This extraordinary new generation of fiber is not stain proof, but independent testing labs have confirmed that carpets made with SmartStrand fiber provide enhanced stain resistant protection.  Usually tough stains such as red wine, mustard, taco sauce, coffee, and bleach have vanished with nothing more than hot water and a little detergent.  In fact, its stain resistance is so good that, for the first time,  Mohawk is offering a Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty for SmartStrand products.

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