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Flooring Trends PA Poconos Lehigh Valley

Flooring Trends 2024

Natural look flooring with natural styles and natural look textures are the leading Flooring Trend In 2024!

Flooring trends for 2024 has hard flooring surfaces in command though carpet remains a top choice.
Wood flooring and stone flooring continue to be a big leader.

Flooring with the look of natural stone look, natural wood look, marble look, and in many cases a decorative look will be the main choices for flooring trends in 2024.

Hard flooring surfaces remain in command for 2024.
Wood-look flooring
is not just a trend that comes and goes and is not new for 2024.
Wood look flooring is super diverse, available as laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile and more. Wood look flooring trends remain top choices for 2024 and beyond.

Textured Flooring Trends

 Now you can get the look and feel of the classic floors that never go out of style.

These floors can have the look of nearly any distressed flooring including handscraped.

Textured flooring. Mimicking classic hardwood, you’ll see handscraped, wirebrushed and fully distressed floors in wood, laminate and more.


Flooring Trends Texured Floors by Mohawk Flooring
by Mohawk Flooring
Flooring Patterns

Flooring Patterns allow you to come up with flooring ideas unique to your wants, needs, and proper application.

Leading are patters such as Herringbone or Chevrons floor patters.

Large pattern designs are another leader in flooring patterns. Such as those used tile patterns are very popular again.


Flooring Trends 2021 Flooring Patterns
by Mohawk Flooring
Flooring Color Trends

Blonde flooring.
Blonde is just also in and it’s making a huge splash.

Don’t worry; gray color flooring is still big!
Gray remains a huge flooring color choice, beyond a trend is will probably remain forever, however lighter flooring colors are trending now and we suspect many will remain. Blonde or similar color flooring has the added benefit of making your areas not just brighter but market the rooms and areas feel larger!

Light, airy, blonde flooring works with just about any decor and instantly makes your room look bigger.

Cooler Color Tones

Wide Variation In Wood Coloring

Contrasting Floor Colors such as Black and White flooring colors are having a lead in choices as well.

Flooring Trends In Colors by Mohawk
by Mohawk Flooring
Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof flooring is not just a new trend, waterproof flooring will become a standard and staple, most likely forever. It used to be that tile was the only way to get a trendy water-proof floor.
Not Anymore! 

Trends in water-proof flooring now includes being able to get waterproof carpet, vinyl, laminate and more!
All prayers answered for busy lifestyles, especially those with pets, small kinds, high traffic, living in wetter conditions of your region.

Waterproof Flooring Trends
by Mohawk Flooring
Flooring Trends That Are Environmentally Responsible And Friendly!

We all want to do our part and with our flooring we want to be responsible as well!

Environmentally-responsible flooring can include any number of flooring that uses renewable or natural flooring products.

This flooring trend can include flooring made from recycled materials, or sustainable and renewable material such as Bamboo flooring.

Responsible environmental flooring has gone beyond just looks in 2020, we want to know where our flooring came from! We want to know that our beautiful floors were not at the expense of a vanishing forest. We want to know our flooring is made with consideration of pollution and other factors.
It is finally time flooring companies are going out of their way to think ahead and be responsible.

Flooring Trends That Favor The Enviornment
by Mohawk Flooring

Flooring Trends In Wood

The type of wood has always been a major factor. Oak, especially white oak, is one of the most common species used for floors in North America. It's beautiful, sustainable, and durable. 

Hardwood floors can increase your home value by up to 2.5 percent ... If you're looking for a great way to increase your home value before a sale, hardwood flooring may not be the best way to go. Depending on the value of your home, installing vinyl or LVT could up your house value to the same rate for a lower cost.


Many things have stayed the same in Flooring Trends, but we’ve got some fresh, new Flooring trends that you may not have seen out in the world of flooring just yet.

Wood flooring is a classic choice and, even with the influx of wood look flooring options, there will always be a market for wood flooring.

This does not mean your wood flooring has to be the same old, same old boring wood floors! Flooring methods are still constantly being developed, constantly offering new and stylish twists on the old classic hardwood floor.
Flooring Trends PA
The Finest Information On Flooring Trends Styles and Brands

Flooring Trends from the finest names available including:

Somerset Mirage
Shaw Appalachian
Vintage Natures
Armstrong Mannington
Bruce Chesapeake


Flooring Trends trends pennsylvania


Choosing a new floor? Looking at flooring trends? Think about how much foot traffic you expect. Consider for a moment the look you want and how much you plan to invest.

Have you decided how you will install your new floor? Will you be doing it yourself? Or, will you get help from a Flooring Trends professionals?

"Offering Flooring Trends styles and products that reflects the latest trends in home furnishing, The Floor Authority, a flooring information source, has a wide selection of the finest flooring information. With beauty, durability and day-to-day living design, these natural products are all carefully crafted to ensure that your family will have a floor that they will love for many years to come.


The Floor Authority Flooring Information Source offers information on a wide selection of solid Flooring Trends and engineered Flooring Trends by a wide array of top manufacturers.  
Contact Us If You Are A Licensed Dealer That Would Like Your Business Listed.


Specialty Flooring Trends  

Exotic Flooring Trends

Cork Flooring

  Flooring Trends PA., Engineered Flooring Trends, Finished Flooring Trends, Flooring Reviews, Information and More


Flooring Trends At Elite Wood Flooring Information Site for great information for a great selection of Flooring Trends from the finest names including;
Somerset Flooring Trends, Mirage Flooring Trends, Shaw Flooring Trends, Appalachian Flooring Trends, Natures Flooring Trends, Armstrong Flooring Trends, Mannington Flooring Trends, Bruce Flooring Trends and Chesapeake. 

Flooring Trends Lehigh Valley Pocono's PA.

With flooring the trend continues with wider and longer hardwood planks, as well as more informal layouts using different width wood planks. Wider wood planks create a more unified look – less joint lines – this also brings out and highlights the inherent aesthetic of the wood in your wood floors, especially of note are the knots and grain.

Flooring Trends texture continues to be important, again we are seeing increases in the popularity of hardwood floors that have a distinctive hand crafted finish or look, such as the hand scrapped wood flooring as well as well as the wire brushed finish looks.
As for Flooring Trends color trends. Gray color woods are still going to be widely popular, also some are returning to the more natural wood looks and also back to more dark tones on some cases. 

Of particular note is the growing trend to chevron and herring bone patters in the flooring designs and installations. widely popular on the current home and design shows of the moment.

Really, it comes down to the home itself. What is the overall look of the home? A more modern looking home may not be best suited for a distressed or old world look. Match the look to the design of the core project, Then select colors that will withstand trends. 
This way you find yourself pleased with your Flooring Trends for quite a long time after a recent trend has passed.  


Oak Flooring Trends by Quick Step the QWood Collection for Builders and Multi Family Flooring Applications
Hardwood Flooring Trends

QWood by Quick Step ® 
Flooring for Builders and Multi-Family Applications

Quick Step Q Wood Official Website 

Flooring Trends From QWood

Mullican Flooring Trends, Flooring Trends, Hardwood Floor, Brodheadsville, Stroudsburg, Poconos, Lehigh Valley
Mullican Flooring Trends

Available Finished & Un-Finished Flooring Trends

Mullican flooring trends offers unmatched quality and precision which is the result of an exclusive process that includes state-of-the-art machinery, a certified kiln-drying process and professional graders.

Mullican Flooring Official Website 

Homer Wood is a manufacturer of high quality hardwood plank flooring, offering unfinished Flooring Trends,  prefinished Flooring Trends and Amish Hand Scraped Flooring Trends products.
Homer Wood is a manufacturer of high quality hardwood plank flooring, one of the hottest flooring trends, offering unfinished Flooring Trends,  prefinished Flooring Trends and Amish Hand Scraped Flooring Trends products.

This trendy yet constant collection of Character Grade flooring offers a truly authentic distressed look because it is hand-scraped by Pennsylvania Dutch craftsmen in the tradition of Renaissance-era woodworking and will probably remain one of the most durable trends in flooring.

Homerwood Hand Scraped Collection

HomerWood™ Official Website

Oshkosh Flooring Trends, Medallian Wood, Wood medallian, Exotic Hardwood, Oshkosh


Oshkosh Floor Hardwood Floor Designs 

Decorative borders are no longer for the elite homes. Flooring trends now include, wood medallions and parquets that can add a distinctive look and a dramatic difference to any floor.

Inlay by Oshkosh Designs helps you create an enduring expression of your style. Exotic woods, dramatic stone, striking metals or tranquil colored glass are your palette. Designs that range from historical to contemporary are your motifs. 

Following are additional flooring manufactures and their information.


Mohawk Flooring Trends, Mohawk Hardwood Floors
Mohawk Flooring Trends

Mohawk Flooring Trends offers handcrafted beauty and exceptional quality by using the finest hardwoods and the exclusive CrystalShield finish.

Mohawk Flooring Trends is available in hardwood, engineered, glueless and hand scraped.

 Official Mohawk Flooring Website



Century Flooring Trends, Century Engineered Flooring

Century Flooring Trends
Crafted Solid Oak, Naturally™

Century Flooring Trends combines precision craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to produce elegant solid oak Flooring Trends that will endure for centuries.

For Century Flooring Trends

Anderson Engineered Flooring Trends

Anderson Engineered Flooring Trends

Discover floors featuring natural colors and tones. Their very appearance reveals their source as Nature’s own bounty of good things made even better through modern technology.

Featuring information on The Freedom Collection, Rhino Collection, Exotic Collection, Mountain Series and Della Mano Collection.
Official Anderson Flooring Website

Virginia Vintage Handscraped Collection Flooring Trends
Virginia Vintage Hand Scraped
Flooring Trends

   If you appreciate the eloquent imperfection of hand craftsmanship...if you enjoy the soft glow of fine hardwood...if you want visitors to your home to be transported back to the comfort and warmth of simpler times...Virginia Vintage hand-scraped flooring is just right for you.

Anderson Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Official Anderson Virginia Vintage
 Flooring Website

Boa Franc Flooring Trends
Boa Franc Hardwood Flooring

Mirage Flooring Trends

The Mirage Collections of Flooring Trends from Boa Franc offer a wider selection of wood species, stains, and finishes than any other prefinished hardwood on the market.

All Mirage collections have one thing in common - your peace of mind for years to come.


The Mirage Collections

Junkers Flooring Trends, Flooring Trends, Hardwood Floor, Brodheadsville, Stroudsburg, Poconos, Lehigh Valley

Junkers Flooring Trends

Junkers Flooring Trends is produced in a wide array of beautiful colors and exciting species.

Available in a number of beautiful and durable finishes.

The Floor Authority Flooring Information Source's list of dealers and installers have highly trained staff that can assist you in picking the right Junkers Hardwood Flooring that is perfect for your home or office. Junkers Official Website

Flooring Trends, Hardwood Floor, Brodheadsville, Stroudsburg, Poconos, Lehigh Valley

Shaw Flooring Trends Systems
Exceptional value and classic beauty are combined in these versatile engineered hardwood floors.

Shaw Flooring Official Website

Exotic Flooring Trends

View our specialty and exotic Flooring Trends information.

Flooring Trends, though aesthetically appealing, has many other alluring features. In today's property market, homes that have a solid timber underfoot have a higher resale value – the timber adds this value!

Dealers and installers, contact us today to have your business listed.

The Floor Authority
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